Mini Twists Let A little Girl Whip Her Hair Back and Forth

“Mommy, can you make my hair straight?” my 6-year-old asked me one day. “I want my hair down.”

My daughter is the only African-American in her class and she wanted her hair straight like the other girls. As a parent, I just wanted to give my little darling what she wanted so she could fit in with the other kids. But I knew that if I went through with this request it would define my daughter’s relationship with her hair the rest of her life. To straighten her hair would set her on the path to not like or appreciated her own hair. From that moment on, she would only see straight hair as beautiful and she would want it straight all the time. And self-image aside, straightening a little girl’s hair will only lead to eventual disappointment because it won’t stay straight for long as a child’s lifestyle – running in the rain, playing tag, sweating and throwing dirt – doesn’t support hair that will be fighting to get back to its natural curly state the moment it’s too humid or gets wet.

And so the battle would begin. She would grow up avoiding water, flat-ironing her hair, spending endless hours of her own time or at the hair dresser chasing one goal – straight hair. She would never be happy with her own hair.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve straightened my daughters hair before but she never cared if it was straightened, braided or in afro puffs. This is the first time she had a preference and requested one hairstyle over others.

My mission was to make my daughter love her hair – the way it is naturally. I needed a style that would:

·         Allow her to wear her hair down

·         Allow her hair to be versatile – with the ability to transform her hair into one ponytail, two ponytails or wear it down.

·         Allow her to whip her hair back and forth

I found the perfect hairstyle in mini-twist. Note: mini twist take a loooooooooooooong time. Took about 3 movies and 5 episodes of My Little Pony. – roughly 6 hours.

And what did my daughter think? Don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but she loved it. Later, she almost lost her mind with delight when she found out you could add beads to the end of her twists. You couldn’t tell that child she wasn’t cute with those twists. I thought she was going to get whiplash or rock-n-roll neck.

It was worth the time investment to see her love her natural hair.

 She hasn’t asked me to straighten her hair again.